Blackberry Z10, Failure or Success?

Not too long ago, I upgraded one of my phones to the new Blackberry Z10. When I was at the store, my AT&T friend was showing me the new HTC One, scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks.  Now, the HTC One is definitely cool, but I wasn’t so impressed with my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android)  that I had to give the Blackberry OS the benefit of the doubt and take it for a test drive.  30 Day return policy right?


All and all, the overall build of the Z10 is very similar to the iPhone 5, as you can see from the image above. Slightly larger in height and width, on a table it really might be mistaken for an Apple product.

I’ve owned Blackberries starting from the old school 8700G and have gone through maybe 6 of them since then from Bold, to Pearl, Torch, Curve, etc. I’ve always loved the Blackberry technology for email, but this Z10 is a little disappointing for me.


First off, don’t expect the 7 day battery life you used to get with these Blackberries. The battery life is definitely longer than an iPhone under use, but even at standby it will drain as it is faster and smarter than the older generations.

The Blackberry shares took a huge hit today while analysts criticized the launch of the Z10 phone in the US while even an analyst claimed that the return rate was even higher than the sales rate.   I remember at launch day for most major phones (iPhone 5, Galaxy S3) there was always a waiting line / sales line for the phone but there was none for the Blackberry.

The performance of the Z10 is critical for the RIM’s compaback plans, as this was the last stab they are taking to try to share the pie of mobile smart phones sold in the US against Apple and Android products.  The company put a lot of resources behind the phone to hope that it will put them back in the game after a series of falling sales on the previous generation.

Blackberry has 2 new phones released with one being Z10 and the other one being the Q10, a similar phone to the Z10 but with a physical keyboard, which may launch as early as end of the month in the US. Q10 is expected to draw a little more fans to the older Blackberry designs.  Blackberry reported that they shipped approx 1 million Z10 phones to partners the last quarter and that didn’t include US Sales as yet as it was just released in the states this month.

We posted a photo on our Facebook not too long ago with a Z10 and asked for opinions and it seems like our fans hated it!


What are your thoughts? Full review of this coming up after I play with it a little more.

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  1. Love it, I think the Blackberries are growing again, I love me some new trent 12000 icarrier with dual usb ports, wished I could win one or demo one, I have 2 of the 11000 single usb port chargers but the dual port would be perfect for those long Softball tourneys my daughter plays in, thanks

  2. The Blackberry OS is redeeming itself in the Mobile OS Industry, compared to Apple iOS, Google Android OS, and Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. Since, they all have a flagship smartphone that they’re known for. Blackberry was lacking behind the competition but now with the redesigned UI, OS, and smartphone. The finish line for them is in sight. I believe that the Blackberry Z10 is a successful smartphone and Blackberry Mobile OS is climbing to the very top. I wouldn’t say that it’s perfect and would be available to K.O. iOS and Android; but it’s at the top. Please note that many users of the Z10 did return their smartphones after a couple weeks (or even days) or so. It all depends on your experience, needs, and requirements.

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