HTC One – The Ultimate Smartphone? What’s Ultrapixel?


Everyone have been raving about this new HTC phone called the HTC One, successor to the HTC One X. Environmental individuals have been discussing the non-environmental friendly design of the solid CNC block phone but who cares, it’s amazing.  Last week I wrote about the BlackBerry Z10 briefly, and before I write a follow up review of the phone, I just wanted to let everyone know, that most likely, I will pick up this HTC One device to swap my Z10 out.

I had a chance to play with one not to long ago from my buddies at AT&T (Note that it releases this Friday 4/19 in USA) and I gotta say, I like it.  I’m so used to the iPhone though, that I may not ever want to replace my main line with any other device, but HTC is starting to win me over.

Let’s do the rundown for those that don’t know what the HTC One is.

The HTC One is a 4.7 Inch 468ppi HD smartphone, running on Android OS. Racks up a 32GB of storage space with the latest Bluetooth technology, what’s not to like? HTC One will release on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile with AT&T having the exclusive on the upgraded 64GB version. The HTC One will hit stores April 19th, this coming Friday in the Silver version with an alternate matte black model coming soon.

The device will launch at $199 with a 2 year contract and $599 without contract for the 32GB versions.

The feel of the HTC device will leave you in wow. Other major competitors like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 both leave mixed first impressions like “WOW this phone is light” when you pick up the iPhone 5, not expecting it to be light and “WOW, this phone is really plastic like” when you pick up the S3 not expecting it to feel cheap.  The impression of the HTC One is “Wow, Wow, this is amazing”

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC outdone itself this time by using a new machining process to produce the HTC One with extended screens to the edge of the chassis further than before.  HTC One is also thinner than its predecessor the HTC One X, which is amazing.

This device is the first device I’ve personally seen that integrated front facing dual cameras, hidden in the perfectly machine drilled tiny holes that look like cosmetic textures on the front of the phone.  The device has a zero gap construction, similar to the iPhone 5, so upon picking up you know that you spent money on the right device.

The interface of the HTC One is very interesting, rocking the latest Android version, HTC has integrated their own BlinkFeed, a software interface similar to the tiles on a Windows 8 device displaying the latest news like FlipBoard.

You an exit Blinkfeed and end up at the traditional Android home page.  because it’s using the quad-core 1.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, you have a mini computer almost.  There’s really nothing that slowed the device down when I was launching multiple apps.


Here’s a quick video from Tech Radar that shows how the phone works with some tricks.

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Internet browsing on the device is a breeze, double tap to zoom in, flick up and down to browse around, pinch to zoom out, all without lag.

The Camera on the HTC One is what makes it interesting. unlike many other cameras rocking 8, 10 or 13 megapixel sensors, the HTC One only uses a 4MP sensor.  Don’t let this turn you down though, even though it has a small megapixel sensor, it uses much larger pixels to allow in more light, making photos look a little better than it should

They call this the Ultrapixel method which HTC has published a blog article on to explain the process on how it works.  So in laymen terms, what does this all mean? It means that you getting a faster sensor meaning taking faster photos as you go. The HTC One using the Ultrapixel method probably is one of the only phones that will destroy any other competitor when it comes to low light situations.  Here’s the same photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3, one of my favorite low light cameras and the HTC One.

HTC One at Low light


Samsung Galaxy S3 at low light.

It’s clear that the HTC One won that round.

In really dark scenes, HTC killed the Samsung device in terms of photo quality even with a 4MP sensor.

Taken with HTC One

Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

Macro settings on the HTC device is also amazing, although it takes some time to focus.

That’s it for today… will continue this review in a later post.

Here is a great video of it by TechnoBuffalo

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  1. Anthony Buchanan April 16, 2013 Reply

    Well, we’ll see how it does when the Galaxy S4 comes out. So far the S4 seems to trump this one, just like it did the other HTC flagships that were rolled out around the same time the S3 rolled out. The 13 MP shots and comparisons that are out using Samsung’s new camera are stunning and make these low light shots look dreadful. My previous experience with HTC phones has straight up deterred me from even thinking about buying another one of their products. Within a 1 year time span I had to replace my Evo’s, both the 4g and 3d over 10 times. My S3? Not once, and I put it through the wringer. I’m sure they’ve upped their standards, but my experience with my S3 has me sold on Samsung- at least their phones.

  2. The HTC One is a great jump into the right direction for combining a social network, in this case it’s Facebook, and a mobile operating system, for this case it’s Android. The great part is that you can “remove” Facebook Home for a clean slate of Android experience. It also have great specs and range at the top with the iPhone 5.

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