New Trent Airbender iPad Keyboard Case: NT38B/IMP38B (Black)

The New Trent Airbender iPad keyboard case is a protective polycarbonate clamshell case and bluetooth keyboard for the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

Quick Overview

  • High-quality, matte finish clamshell case for the iPad (4th gen) with Retina display, New iPad (3rd Gen), & iPad 2
  • Ultra-low profile Bluetooth keyboard (7/16 inch), optimized key design for a comfortable typing experience
  • Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Lightweight and compact for portability.
  • Built-in auto shut-off magnet.

New Trent Airbender iPad Keyboard Case

NEW TRENT: Airbender Protective iPad Keyboard Case Product Details

Enhancing your mobile experience is New Trent’s unshakable mission statement. New Trent Airbender IMP38B is the upgrade from the original “Airbender” with compatiblity with the newer iPad 3 / 4. The Airbender offer user a “laptop style” experience for the iPad, with a full key keyboard for simple input and hard case for protection.

iPad Compatibility : Compatible with Apple iPad w/ Retina display (4th gen), iPad (3rd gen), iPad 2

**NOTE: case is not compatible with original iPad (1st gen)

Airbender iPad Keyboard Case Highlights:

- Hard clamshell case design; polycarbonate material.
- Low profile keyboard: 7/16 inch.
- Wireless Bluetooth connection: 10 meter / 30 feet.
- Built-in auto shut-off magnet.
- Multi-adjustable stand for vertical and horizontal positions; stand is detachable from the case.
- Three piece design: protective back, arm/mini-kickstand, keyboard base.
- Built-in Li Ion battery (non-removable)

Amazon Reviews

“The case design was in my opinion one of the best attempts to integrate a blue-tooth keyboard and a case. It gives you all of the versatility you could ever ask for, including vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and more. The keyboard can be used attached like a laptop, or you can remove the tablet and set it up like a separate monitor. OR you can simply remove the keyboard altogether and use the case solo – all the while keeping the precious spun aluminum back protected. Closing the case up is just like using a netbook, except it is smaller and lighter. Comparing to other keyboard/cases, this one offered the best combination of price, versatility, and usability. I definitely recommend it to anyone needing a case with a keyboard for their iPad!” – Zig

“I was somewhat apprehensive when I purchased this. It has turned out to be the best iPad 3 accessory yet. The functionality is great. Typing is a breeze. You hardly notice it isn’t an actual laptop. Blue tooth connection works great. There’s an automatic shut-off function which is great when I’m sitting in 2 hour meetings (snore). ;-) I get asked ALL THE TIME where to purchase this and how cool it looks. Also, I’m writing this review almost 4 months after purchasing…” – leahcim1123

“To say we love technology at our house is an understatement. We have an ipad and love using it for fun and for educational purposes. But we found over the last few months that it we haven’t been using our iPad as much because there isn’t an external keyboard. External keyboards cost upwards of $500 and it never made sense for me to buy an expensive keyboard for the ipad, especially since it’s our 5 year old and 2 year old that use it most. The Airbender keyboard by New Trent retails at around $54 on Amazon. It is made with high quality materials and uses blue tooth to sinc to your iPad. The shipping is a quick turn around and it is super easy to put together. What I really like about it is the clam shell design that opens up and can be used 360. What I mean by 360 is you can view it like a regular computer screen or flip it around and view it from the other side or at different angles. Making the Airbender perfect for meetings where you want everyone at the table to see something. For me, I’ve been using the new Airbender case to watch netfix shows while I get dinner ready. I like the stability of the stand that sits higher up than the clip covers. We tested the Airbender keyboard and give it two thumbs up as our favorite must have iPad accessory.” – Kathy Dalton

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