What Makes the New Trent NT100H PowerPak 10.0 Our Best Ever?

Since our announcement of the highly anticipated PowerPak 10.0 just a few weeks ago, all of our loyal fans have flooded us with questions pertaining to this device’s versatility, charging power, and overall functionality.  Most of all, it seems like our consumers are inquiring if the PowerPak 10.0 is a significant upgrade over our prior models and we have answered that in detail below-

Ultra Slim w/ Incredible Power

The first thing that you’ll probably notice about our new PowerPak 10 is that it’s ultra-compact and easy to carry.  At the size of a typical smartphone, this external charger fits neatly inside a purse or a pocket so that it can be carried anywhere.  While it’s does not quite carry as much of a charge as the PowerPak + or our heavy duty iCarrier, it is much more versatile in terms of where you can easily take it.  Besides, 10,000 mAh is nothing to sneeze at; that’s an average of four full charges on today’s smartphones.  It’s easily the most powerful PowerPak ever.

Built to Last 500+ Charges

Another revolutionary perk found within the new PowerPak 10 is that it’s guaranteed for 500 full charges; which is setting an industry standard for the life of an external power source.  While part of that can be attributed to its rugged construction, its superior technology and a new Li Ion polymer battery makes this state of the art device a true next generation tech.

Dual USB and Largest Compatibility Ever

Additionally, the PowerPak 10 has more ways to charge your favorite digital devices than ever before, thanks to two 5V USB ports and an additional micro USB port for charging.  What’s even more important though is what you can charge with your new PowerPak; it has the largest smartphone and tablet compatibility on today’s market!  From iPads to Nokia Lumia 1020’s to Kindles, PSP consoles and iPhones, we now have you covered with a single external charger.  In fact, your new PowerPak 10 is compatible with close to 100 of today’s most popular digital devices; including many that aren’t even yet released to consumers.

The fact of the matter is that you spoke and we listened…then we got to work.  The PowerPak 10 is easily our best external charger ever and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.  If you act quickly, you can also score one of our newest models on Amazon.com for only $36.95 while supplies last!

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  1. I think the Powerpak being 10000mah makes it the top dog

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