New Trent’s “September to Remember” Giveaway

With the summer heat fading and the cool fall breezes finally giving us some relief, Net Trent decided that it was the perfect time to roll out some of our newest giveaways for our die-hard fans.  In the upcoming months, you’ll have more chances than ever to score some high-tech freebies for you and your friends so let’s get right to the details-

New Trent’s Monthly Sweepstakes Giveaway

In case you didn’t know, New Trent chooses several of our email subscribers and Facebook friends at random each month to receive completely free products from our New Trent website.  There are no limitations for this promotion and nothing to do except to either create an account on our website or to become a fan of ours of Facebook.  Of course, you can also do both and double your monthly chances of winning since these are two giveaways in one!

New Trent’s Brand Ambassador Giveaway

Every day, the staff at New Trent scans all of our social media pages to see what our customers have to say about our innovative products.  Whenever an especially clever comment catches our eye, we mark it down as a candidate for our monthly Brand Ambassador giveaway which includes a tech bundle for the lucky winner.  So feel free to visit us on Facebook or YouTube and let the world see why you’re a proud New Trent customer.

New Trent’s Beta Tester Giveaway

Another exciting giveaway we have for our loyal fans is the New Trent Beta Tester Program.  In a nutshell, you can register on Facebook to become part of our beta team and whenever we get ready to launch one of our newest products that are compatible with one of your digital devices, we will send it to you in the mail to get your feedback.  The best news of all is that after you submit a review of your experience, the item is yours to keep forever!

New Trent’s Customer Appreciation Giveaway

One of our newest giveaway promotions is designed for recent New Trent customers to gain a few brand new, extra benefits out of their factory warranties.  Enclosed in each of our retail packages is a special invitation to activate your warranty online, and doing so will give you 24/7 access to our customer support team.  We are also extending all factory warranties by an additional two months for anyone who registers online and as special thanks; we will also be giving away a monthly New Trent gift certificate to one of you as well.

New Trent’s User Review Giveaway

Finally, we realized that our website has been lacking in customer reviews lately.  Since new customers rely on your feedback, we want to encourage everyone to tell us what you think of your latest New Trent purchases.  Your feedback will also earn you an additional entry into our monthly sweepstake giveaway as special thanks for helping out.  Just remember that we’re looking for honesty here and genuine feedback; your ideas are very important to us and we love hearing them!

Please visit for further information on all of our upcoming giveaways and promotions.  Official rules will be posted online no less than 24 hours before the start of each giveaway and all drawings will be conducted by a New Trent staff member.  New Trent reserves the right to cancel promotions at any time.

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